Picasso Marble Cabachon 10

This one is mine, all mine! Is it just me, or does the marble in this cab resemble an elephant walking away from you? I love it!

Bambi's Parrot Wing Jasper

This small cab is an eye catcher! It is bright blue-green with dark veining that looks like feathers. Unfortunately, it is in my private collection due to having broken off a section of the edge and it being epoxied back into place.

If you want it, I will sell it to you. But please be aware that it has been damaged and repaired.

Email me if you want to buy this cabachon.

Bambi's Ocean Jasper Cabachon

This big 40 x 30 mm cab is my favorite! It has everything: Sun reflecting onto the green water, yellow and pink sand being carried as the wave crashes, and a bonus sparkly druzy patch in the upper left corner. It is in my private collection.

Danger on the High Seas!

Avast There, Maties!

This 40 x 30 cab looks to me like a ship in trouble on the sea. The storm clouds may possibly be thinning, but the storm is not finished with the sailors yet.

Stone Canyon Jasper Cabachon

This 40 x 30 mm cab was made especially for me by Tim. It is yellow, my favorite color, thick, and with a fat high dome. He also made two small 12 x 10 mm cabs from the same stone for earrings. Now go buy many of our other jewelry creations so that I can afford the 18k setting that I want for this!

Private Collection

My First Faceted Gemstone Was A Blue Glass Marble

This is my first venture into the meticulous world of faceting. It is a standard round brilliant cut ... MARBLE. Yes, you get them in a bag in the toy department. Simple glass kid's toy.

$ Priceless

Tim's Leopard Skin Bracelet

This is the way a bracelet should feel on your arm. It is heavy, smooth, cool, and big.

Picture Jasper Bracelet

This is another beautiful creation by Tim. It is a heavy silver bracelet supporting a picture jasper cabachon. It has an easy to open with one hand clasp, making it convenient for those with trouble wearing bracelets.

Yellow Jade Earrings

I love yellow! It is the color of sunshine and springtime.

Big Blue Montana Jasper Pendant

This is gorgeous! It is big at 40 mm, with an open back and that beautiful stone with the navy blue and white swirls. This is another of the pieces that Tim made at silversmithing class.

Tim's Small Picture Jasper Pendant

This small 25 mm cabachon of picture jasper features an image of a desert mountain pass. Tim made it in silversmith class for me.

Tim's Big Faceted Cab Pendant

This is a big 45 mm cabachon that has a high dome and facets. We are unsure what the stone is. Tim made this in his silversmith class. It is solid sterling silver on gthe back, with a raised scalloped border and fancy metal work bail.

Lemon Citrine Pendant

This is a big 35 mm citrine. It is both my birthstone and my favorite color.

Tim's Tiger Eye Pendant

Tim made this for me from a large 40 mm stone. It has a minimalist design that highlights the optical trickery of the tiger eye.